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Robin Grieve Robin Grieve Robin Grieve
An opportunity to learn from a world class speaker the techniques speakers use. Presenting should be an enjoyable experience and it will be after you have attended a course...
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Robin, as a speaker and humorist, has delighted thousands with his whimsical outlook on life...
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winning when you lose....
The workshop looks at the importance of turning anegative emotion such as the disappointment at a loss.
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True Professional

As an MC or compere for anything from award presentations to musical shows, Robin has wide experience.

Humour has always been important to him as a speaking tool and he takes his humour very seriously.

He uses many different techniques to create humour, and it has been said of his style of humour,
"He leads you right up the garden path and then you find yourself on the State Highway."

Depending on the occasion, onve there, you will either have learnt something, had a good time, or both. Or, you might just be bowled over by a huge truck!

Unlike some motivational speakers he has never faced trauma of extreme adversity.

No divorce, bankruptcy, life threatening disease, horrendous accidents and , his house hasnt burnt down yet.


He does know the value of pursuing a dream. As a finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking, Robin has gone where many aspire to go but few attain. His success in speaking has however not been without many setbacks. It is his attitude to these, and the fact that he can laugh at himself and believe in himself in equal quantities, that provide entertainment with inspiration to anyone who has ever experienced disappointment. This seems to be just about everyone

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